Brighter - A full-fledged website for choosing houses for rent and housing. Modern style and color balance, a simple idea with a very strong and serious approach.
In this project we have done:
1. Logo
2. Business cards
3. Flyer for advertising
4. Banners
5. Signboard
6. Menu
7. Website development
8. Future App Layout
Brand full develop
Web design
The website aims to promote Brighter modern approach to living, whilst aesthetically reflecting the industrial history, geological landscape, and steel worker heritage of the Belval Site.The dotted texture and watercolour elements are used to bring through this idea and are included to juxtapose the playful illustrative style initially discussed with the client. A key feature, and a requirement from the client, was the interactive building of Luxmill that allows users to click on the different floors of the building and find the location of the facilities. The website and video are a good balance between the industrial, professional and fun aspects of Luxmill.
Professional policy does not allow us to exhibit all the works, in order to give you an example, you can write to us.